Medicinal Mushroom Immunity

Product Description

“After 4 years helping people take their health and performance to the next level, we have updated our signature product Mushroom Immunity. Now it has Cordyceps militaris extract, bringing the total number of medicinal mushroom extracts and concentrates to a tremendous 35! Mushroom Immunity – more so than ever – is the world’s most comprehensive medicinal mushroom immune system and mental clarity boosting formula!

Tastes like instant exotic artisan coffee!

Mushroom Immunity


Mushroom Immunity is the most potent, advanced, – and in our opinion best tasting – mushroom formula in the world! Check below for full ingredients

Everyone loves tossing a serving (1 teaspoon) of Mushroom Immunity in water, smoothie and homemade desserts!

Size: 45g bottle

    $ 30.00